High risk
    Procedures of primary TEP:
  • patients with immunodeficiency
  • post-transplant conditions
  • biological treatment of autoimmune and oncological diseases
  • chronic use of immunosuppressive drugs
  • chronic liver failure (Child-Pugh B, C)
  • chronic renal insufficiency grade III-IV
  • haemato-oncological diseases
  • history of TEP infection
    Procedures of revision TEP:
  • patients prior to the initiation of the TEP chronic infection sanitation, if it is possible to delay the surgery
  • patients prior TEP revision surgery for aseptic reasons
Medium risk
    Procedures of primary TEP:
  • patients who did not attend to the regular preventive dental examination in the last two years
  • DM
  • liver failure (Child-Pugh A)
  • renal insufficiency grade I-II
  • history of erysipelas
  • CVI grade III-IV
  • BMI above 30 and below 18,5
  • poor oral hygiene
  • smokers
  • history of alcohol or other addictive substance abuse
Low risk
    Patients prior to primary TEP with regular dental check-ups without any risks mentioned above.
TEP – Total Endoprosthesis
DM – Diabetes Mellitus
CVI – Chronic Venous Insufficiency
BMI – Body Mass Index