The issue of focal infection centres of odontogenic origin has been and still is controversial. It is obvious that various pathological conditions of the oral cavity are at different risk of local inflammatory flare-up or development of distant infectious complications. On the other hand, patients who suffer from different fundamental diseases or are prepared for another therapy are not a homogeneous group.

As a guide for dentists and collaborating specialists from different branches of general medicine, the interdisciplinary working group has prepared the enclosed tables.

Below can be found the table “Dentistry”, where oral pathologies are divided into three risk levels for orientation, as well as the tables for other medical disciplines. In these tables, the relevant pathologies and treatment procedures are also divided into three risk groups. The classification of the patient into the appropriate category, both in terms of his or her fundamental disease and findings of dental examination, provides a guide to the decision as to how radical, if any, dental treatment should be. To facilitate communication between dentists and other medical specialists, a standardised referral form necessary for referring the patient to a dentist is also included.